Sharon. McClafferty.



Bachelor of Business, QUT

About Sharon…

Business builder, consultant, presenter and CEO at Slipstream Group, Sharon has been described as a purposeful and goal-driven strategist who won’t shy away from big, intimidating challenges. Indeed these bring out her best.

Sharon is a razor sharp analyst who thoroughly enjoys reviewing the financial data she collects in the course of a business performance review. She skilfully cuts through the noise to reveal the business behind the numbers and formulates a strategic plan to help her clients achieve long-term goals. Sharon’s clients attest to the effectiveness of her insights and recommendations which frequently result in outstanding, multiple business improvements.

Working in the financial services sector since 2006, Sharon has met with the owners of over 1000 accounting and financial planning firms.

She has worked with more than 400 listed companies, addressed and advised multimillion-dollar businesses and conducted business reviews for businesses ranging in revenue from $100k – $24m and helped them to uncover hidden opportunities and put in place plans to dramatically improve their financial results.

She takes great pride in her ability to unlock the possibilities in a business that often even its owners have not yet realised. Sharon invests the time and dedication required to uncover the potential in a business so her clients become inspired to drive their business to new heights and in so doing achieve outcomes far above and beyond their own expectations.

Whether a client’s goal is buying a white Ferrari or renovating the family home, Sharon knows that the right plan will garner big results. She’s so confident that she can help to build a business that on occasion she has been known to guarantee the results outlined in her strategic forecasts.

Notwithstanding this experience at the ‘big end of town’, Sharon is drawn to financial services businesses because of a genuine interest in the business modelling and the scope for improvements.

She is passionate about seeing clients achieve more than they had ever thought possible. Sharon is most at home when she can witness accountants and financial advisers transform into entrepreneurs and proud business owners through the course of their journey with Slipstream Group.

Recently, during an important meeting Sharon was outlining her strategic plan and findings to the business’ owners. They found the process so enlightening that they paused the meeting and called in all of their businesses managers to learn of the possibilities she had uncovered for their firm.

Exceeding clients’ expectations is Sharon’s specialty. She is driven to truly delight her clients because at the end of the day, she wants to improve the lives of business owners.


When winding down, Sharon can be found at her local park chasing her toddlers from slippery dips to swing sets. Sharon loves to ski, and although she may not be taking on the black runs any time soon, she always has her next snow trip in the back of her mind. She has lived in various locations across the globe from Stockholm to London and Vancouver and she now calls Brisbane home.

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