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Silly question. How’s business? Could be better than now? Or, different, smarter, bigger, smaller, easier? Well, we can help you look at everything, and see the possibilities.

Oh, and don’t worry, if you’re in denial about some stuff – we’ll be nice about it. That’s our job – here in the slipstream. And, in a short while, we’re sure you’ll see why people say that we provide Trust. Worthy. advice.

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Here's what our clients say.

“To say this three year journey with Scott and the Slipstream team had a significant impact on our business and personal lives is an understatement. The guidance, planning, support and accountability from Scott were the keys to ensuring that the hard work required was focused and on track for achievement of our strategic outcomes. Scott was always willing and able through the whole journey even as the path changed over the years. Did Slipstream change our lives – ABSOLUTELY!!”

Darren and Tania Jennings
DART Business Solutions

“I’m terrified to think of where we would be now if we hadn’t employed Slipstream because in the last 15 months we have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in ongoing insurance revenue and if we hadn’t had the uplift strategy in place we would be in a very difficult position right now. Thank goodness that we made that decision. Instead we’ve been able to employ three new people, we’ve just had the best financial year we’ve ever had, and the future is looking really exciting. So, it has been life changing for Andrew and I and a game changer for the business.”

Jacqui Sherlock
Sherlock Wealth

“Our participation in Slipstream Group has kept us accountable and will see us this year having our BEST YEAR EVER…”

Sue Mackenzie-Smith
DLA Partners

“Scott Charlton recently delivered an ID profile identification session for our team. The engaging way that this was presented to the team was very different to anything I had in mind when I thought “personality” or “strength” finding session, and has led to a huge boost in our ability to understand each other and work better as a team.”

Scott Barber
O’Connells OBM

“You have to engage the best possible people in your life to help you get from a to b. With your business you need the best people and Slipstream have been an amazing group to involve in our business journey and we would not be a fraction of where we are now without Slipstream. We’ve loved the journey!”

Luke Rathborne
Fortitude Private Wealth

“I just liked Slipstream from the very first moment. They genuinely care about me and my team and my business and that’s the feeling we get with Slipstream. The only thing that they have said to me that I don’t believe is that I won’t need them forever. I can’t thank Slipstream enough for what they have done for me and my business.”

Leah Oliver
Minnik Integrated Financial Solutions

“Great sharing of ideas from around the table. Challenges us to keep pushing the boundaries.”

Jenny Brown
JBS Financial Strategists

“I’m glad I just jumped in. I didn’t think about and I didn’t hesitate. I think if you take that approach then you won’t regret it. If I had ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Adam Dierselhuis
O’Connells OBM

“Biggest outcome for us was the first time ever in a business that I have been a part of, which is nearly 20 years, is that we have had a six-figure sum sitting in our bank account.”

Brett Hansen

“Slipstream have absolutely delivered for us. They’re genuine, they’re passionate about what they do, and they go above and beyond any coaching we’ve done previously.”

Sue Voss
Robinson Voss Partners

“We actually took a holiday from coaching. For two or three years we thought we could do it ourselves and for that two or three years we stagnated, we did nothing. And we weren’t accountable to anyone. So, we joined Slipstream and we are kicking goals. Results speak for themselves.”

Garry Anderson
A+ Business Advisors

“I truly believe that without Scott we’d be wavering and little bit lost. We’re forever indebted. It’s pushed us further then we probably would’ve thought.”

Craig Robinson
Robinson Voss Partners

“The thing I love about our Slipstream Coach the most is he’s sat in the hot seat himself. There is no ‘I haven’t been in business’. He’s done what we’re doing. He understands the challenges that we face. To me, he just gets it. That’s the great thing about Slipstream that they understand your business. I think sometimes our coach gets more joy out of our successes than we do.”

Rohan Wills
Navigator Accountants

“Do it sooner rather than later. I wish I had joined 12 months ago.”

Krys Canny-Smith
Canny Group

“We make 90 day plans every 3 months, we have targets and goals, and we have 3 projects a quarter we need to get done. These projects are continually improving our business. I followed the program to the letter of the law. I did every challenge thrown at me even though at times I doubted Scott’s sanity on wanting things done his way. But it worked and I’m eternally grateful to the support along the way.”

Linda Crawford
LCA Accounting

“Phil is amazing! He is always available and is there to give us constructive criticism when needed. Our business is moving forward more quickly than we expected and we would not have done that without his help. We needed the external review and business plan to map our future. He also can explain an issue we’ll spend way too long on, perhaps because he’s been there previously as well.”

Anne Williamson
Ord Minnett

“Sat down with Phil and he just cut to the chase and solved a problem I was so freaked out about in about 30 seconds. I can honestly say I know Phil has been there and done that and it is evidenced by the sharp insight that he’s been able to provide into our business.”

Gavin Lamb
Navigate Advisors

“The deciding factor of becoming a slipstream client was finding out that my coach had actually run his own business.”

Dom Schuh
Schuh Group

“The thing I love about Phil is anytime we’ve got a question I know I can ring him, and he is a great sounding board. He’s awesome and he’s always got an answer. He’s very calm and especially when we’re feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed, he manages to just tease out what needs to be done and gives me the motivation to keep going. We’ve just had the best 15 months that we’ve ever had, and we have just clocked in the best financial year we’ve ever had and hopefully we’re going to continue.”

Jacqui Sherlock
Sherlock Wealth

“Mapping out a plan for my path for the future became a lot clearer to help me not only achieve my financial but life goals. After my second planning session with Paul my whole 12 months of coaching fees were recovered with 1 pricing strategy for a client. Paul took the time to not only encourage me but guide me through the biggest pricing discussions I ever had. I feel my journey has only started but I know with confidence already that this impact will change my life forever.”

Martin McGrath
Financial Edge Group

“Slipstream coach Paul have helped our business to become more focused, guided us through difficult decision making and helped execute key projects.”

Rodney Rossi
q4 financial

“Slipstream and Paul Little have been amazing in supporting our business. The one on one coaching and the group meetings are a massive value add and we are thrilled to have partnered with such a quality coaching company to guide our business through the ups and downs of managing and growing a business.”

Patricia Garcia
Your Vision Financial Solutions

“Having Phil and the Slipstream team as my coach has significantly improved the quality of my life. We do things like setting 3 cool projects every 90 days which has been a game changer for my business and mindset. My coach Phil, holds me accountable and gives me practical support and advice every step of the way and I really enjoy being a part of the community. I highly recommend you speak to the Slipstream team if you want to get more out of life and your business.”

Mike Sikar
Delta Financial Group

“I am so glad I took the Slipstream journey. Loved it and still loving it.”

Shane Kouros
Cornerman Accounting & Advisory

“Looking back at my 4 years so far with Fortitude, its been such a great experience to be involved with Slipstream. Being encouraged to think like a business owner has permanently changed my thinking and my life for the better, and largely contributed to my decision to become one!”

Huw Smith
Fortitude Private Wealth

“Just do it. The benefits you receive by actually planning makes a huge difference.”

Justin Flavel
Omnis Group

“If you are looking for ideas to take your business to the next level and you want accountability around this, Slipstream is for you.”

Grant Titman
q4 financial

“It’s taken 16 years to finally feel like we are in control thanks to Slipstream.”

Nikkki Mackenzie
Wardle Partners

“It will be the best thing you ever do.”

Natalie Lennon
Two Sides Accounting