We don’t shy away from tracking performance, often we are more ambitious for our clients than they are for themselves. The truth is the financial transformation we help our clients achieve is just the tip of the iceberg. The real results are the weekends, evenings and holidays focused on quality time with the family, the home renovations that are now possible, the dream of a holiday house becoming a reality, the newfound health and reduction in stress. The opportunities that are now possible for team members, the grateful and loyal clients and the business valuations that transform retirements.


We have no ulterior motives. No platform to push. No tech to sell you. We are in your corner and we’ll probably behave as if we have a significant equity stake in your business… but we don’t, we just care a whole bunch about you and your goals. We don’t have lock in contracts. We don’t have minimum terms. Part of the story is that we add a tone of value and often very quickly so we’ve never needed these things. The other part of the story is our MO is Trust. Worthy.


A great coach should be on the sidelines of your game, not playing their own. We will never make you follow a cookie cutter path without regard to your issues and opportunities, without consideration of your version of success. Our coaches have owned, operated and successfully exited their businesses and chased down their version of success. We exist to help you articulate, document and achieve your version of success in business and in life. We respect that this is different for everyone we work with. Therefore, the order of events, content, projects, advice and speed must be in line with your changing needs. It’s about respect.

What is it?

We offer a hybrid group and one-to-one coaching model. We do this because it gets the best and fastest results. This hybrid approach offers huge advantages for both single owner businesses and for multi-partner firms. We have a vast library of supporting content and templates so that you are not reinventing the wheel or embarking on costly trial and error. In the Slipstream, it’s faster, easier and more fun. 


We carefully select the right coach considering your objectives. Generally, all equity owners and any business or practice manager is involved in the process, however, sometimes it makes sense that we work with just one division or have a ‘lead partner’ on the project.


The first step is a complimentary strategy Session where we get to understand more about your business, the people involved and what you want to achieve in the coming years. From there we can make several recommendations and if coaching is a good fit then we can map out how that will work.


We work with firms throughout Australia. We work with people in the CBD, suburbs, regional centres and remote towns. We really like to spend time with people in person and have moved mountains in the past two years to make this a reality. We also utilize zoom and phone calls. We host in person group events regularly in VIC, NSW & QLD and occasionally we also host events in other parts of the country. We also like to get boots on the ground and see your business and meet your team in person.


The most common piece of feedback we receive is “I wish we did this years ago”. The reality is that we do help people get significant and measurable results so there is a cost that comes with delaying these. There is never a right time but we know that once people get going they don’t regret it. Often the decision to just do it is hardest part of the whole shebang.


Maximum cashflow. Improved profit. Client advocates. Risk mitigation. Team engagement. Professional potential. Revenue growth. Work life balance.

And all of the real things that these eight outcomes deliver like better relationships, more self-confidence, a healthier more fulfilling life, private school fees, more golf, achieving long-term financial goals and ultimately more freedom.

How much?

Our services are generally somewhere between $2K and $60K per annum. Once we understand your business and what you want to achieve, we’ll be able to confirm firstly if we are the right people for your set of circumstances and if so, then we can confirm our recommendations and the fees associated. Generally, our fees are a monthly fixed fee and they always come with no minimum term and no notice to leave.

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