Pathway to succession and exit.

At Slipstream Group, we understand that building a successful financial services firm is akin to pursuing an Olympic dream. It's not just about qualifying for the race; it's about how you 'nail the finish'. That's precisely what our new one-day workshop, Pathway to Succession and Exit, aims to help you do. If you're contemplating the future of your accounting or financial planning practice and want to learn how to craft and execute a succession plan, this workshop is tailored for you.

Brisbane: 26 July 2024

Why attend?

Are you contemplating how to smoothly transition out of your accounting or financial planning practice within the next 1-5 years? This workshop is designed with you in mind. Receive personalised guidance from coaches who have successfully navigated themselves and helped others through this crucial phase. We focus on helping you identify your needs and equipping you with the strategies to meet them. Leave with a tailored succession plan fit for your situation and optimised for your priorities.

What you'll gain

During this workshop, you will receive step-by-step guidance on the top considerations between now and exit, covering:

  • Your succession options: Uncover a range of exit strategies tailored for you, whether transitioning to current team members, merging with a larger firm, or attracting a strategic investor. We guide you in evaluating and selecting the path that best suits your unique situation.
  • Equity & role segmentation: Whether you're planning to sell your shares while remaining operationally involved or are handing over specific roles, this workshop will guide you in making a clear and beneficial separation over time.
  • Valuation: Learn the art of valuing your practice accurately, ensuring you receive the appropriate value for your hard work.
  • Attract the right successors: Gain insights into attracting and retaining the right buyers or successors, ensuring a seamless transition.
  • Practical tools and tips: Our 10 part framework will help you manage the transition process efficiently and communicate effectively with stakeholders.
  • Clarity: On what is most important to you when considering your succession and exit and how to increase the probability of success in the areas that matter most to you.

What's included

  • Meaningful discussions with fellow practice owners, gaining insights from their experiences and strategies.
  • A valuable workbook designed to capture your plans and reflections from the day's discussions. Additionally, you'll get our exclusive 'Pathway to Succession and Exit Guide', based on Slipstream's 10-part framework, complete with real-world examples and insights.
  • Follow-up one-hour call with a coach to review your progress and address any questions or concerns.

Navigate the last mile and nail the finish

In the final stretch of your business journey, it's crucial to "stay the course". Discover the strategies and insights that will guide you through the last mile.

We have limited seats remaining. Purchase below or book a 15-minute call to discuss this with one of our team.



Friday 26 July 2024

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