About us.

We exist to help our external clients and internal team members achieve their potential. We believe that the impact of fulfilling our purpose is profound; our goal is to improve our clients' lives and, in turn, the lives of their clients, families and stakeholders for the better.

"Working at Slipstream Group has changed my life. it has taught me to be more than I thought
I could ever achieve or be professionally and that has carried through to my personal life."


As a service-based business, it would be no surprise that we are all about people. We are a diverse team of dedicated, enthusiastic and resourceful humans who work hard and share in each other's successes. We champion our clients and help to turn their businesses from good to great.

From the leadership team down, we live by our values:

Be Bold

Be Worthy

Be Memorable


Several years ago, Slipstream wanted to align with a charity that fit our values. We found Bicycles for Humanity, met the people who make the magic happen, and started regularly contributing to this wonderful initiative. We are now their #1 benefactor and are proud to support this charity focused on alleviating poverty through sustainable transport in the form of a bicycle. They collect second-hand bikes from Australia and ship them to parts of Africa where health workers and locals will treasure them.

Our team.

Open roles.

Business coach.

So you’re feeling the need for a new challenge.

You want to do something you enjoy, that gives you the chance to be a part of a team, an opportunity to put everything you know into practice but ideally not a traditional job.

The role of Business Coach with Slipstream is unique; our business coaches have done everything they're helping our clients do, they’re not armchair experts merely relaying theory. Our model is based around Coach-led quarterly group events that include an element of both social and business because we fundamentally believe that creating human connection is essential to our ability to deliver results to our clients.

At Slipstream we’re dedicated to helping financial planners and accountants achieve their potential.

This role will offer you a chance to work largely autonomously but within a proven framework with plenty of support across all the ‘administrative’ areas of the business as well as having dedicated Client Experience Managers who organise all of the events for you.

You’ll join a team of people who share your background and passion and get to do work that changes your clients lives leveraging the experience you’ve gained in your own life.

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