Case studies.

From inefficiency to profitability.

Discover how one firm overcame inconsistent pricing, back-office inefficiencies, and heavy partner dependency to achieve remarkable results in just two years.

  • 30% organic revenue growth
  • $350K revenue acquisition
  • Monthly recurring revenue increased from 10% to over 90%
  • EBIT improved from 12% to 22%, after partner salaries and coaching fees

Download the full case study to uncover the strategies and insights that fueled their turnaround.

$800K revenue to $900K profit.

One of our regional financial planning firms was struggling with talent limitations, heavy principal dependency, and operational hurdles. In just three years, we helped this firm transform and achieve remarkable success.

  • 110% organic revenue growth
  • EBIT grew by 150% in 3 years, after partner salaries and coaching fees
  • 25% average annual revenue growth and still growing
  • Sole principal took six months leave during this growth

Get the full story and discover the key strategies that enabled their growth.

Project Uplift.

Discover how three firms leveraged Project Uplift™, our 12-step guide to achieving more money with fewer clients, alongside coaching to overcome their challenges and achieve outstanding results.

  • 112% EBIT increase
  • 44% revenue increase
  • 12 weeks of annual holiday
  • 71% increase in profit per partner
  • Decrease in turnaround times

Learn more about how Project Uplift™ drove these impressive outcomes.

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