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Want fresh eyes on your business? Our complimentary Strategy Session gives you the freedom to offload issues and the space to envision a better future. It's the opportunity for a thorough review of your firm, providing tailored recommendations to guide you towards your version of success – be it boosting your bottom line or reclaiming time back from your business. In this process, we'll provide you with benchmarking data on what the top-performing firms in Australia are doing. No strings attached, no obligations – just actionable insights tailored to you.

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After meeting with Ryan, we gained a wonderful external perspective on our business. The conversation was invaluable, providing guidance and opening new possibilities for growth. I left inspired and with insights of the improvements that we could make.

Kristen Molloy

My business partner and I had a meeting with Slipstream a few years ago and we are so glad that we did. We were going quite well at the time but with hindsight, that meeting was the catalyst for our firm growing much faster than ever before and us enjoying being business owners more than we had up until that point.

David Cowling
Roberts & Cowling

After our first strategy consult with Ryan, we knew just how much we were going to be able to gain from the coaching process and getting us back on track. We have now taken the leap and are excited by the challenges and results we are achieving.

Adam Taylor

Ryan showed us the potential of our business that we did not even see and how Slipstream could work with us to achieve it. Thanks Ryan!

Sandra Andrews
Next Generation Accounting

“I knew after the initial consult with Ryan that Slipstream was going to be the right partner to move forward with. Even in the initial discussion, we were already talking about the best path forward for the business and key challenges that would need to be overcome, all the while getting the encouragement that it was possible with the right support.”

Matt Byrne
Day One Advisory

We talked numbers, but also my real drivers which are travel, wine, languages and freeing up time in my life to make these things happen. Slipstream are across both FP and Accounting – marketing resources, HR, benchmarking… And all the coaches have actually run their own firms! That was enough for me and I’m enjoying the ride.

Rob O’Donnell
Stratogen Financial Planning

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