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Ideal candidate profile.

An ideal candidate profile describes the characteristics, motivations, interests, skills, and personal attributes (demographics and psychographics) you want - in a perfect world. It focuses on the qualities that go beyond the basic requirements listed in the job description. This clarity ensures that you have a clear vision of the type of candidate you want to attract.

Ideal client profile.

A deep understanding of your ideal client will help you understand who your customer is and, more importantly, what they need. Knowing their needs and desires determines your marketing content, and knowing where they spend time online determines which platforms to engage in. To get you started, download a copy of our ideal client workbook.

More money, fewer clients.

Project Uplift is a proven 12-step process to bolster your bottom line and ensure you get paid what you are worth. Click here to read the entire blog, which provides the step by step detail.

In the case study guide, you will find three examples of firms who have completed Project Uplift, amongst other projects, in line with the objectives for their business and the lives they want to lead.

Finding your capacity: 12 quick wins checklist.

Scott has developed an entire 3-part series designed to help our clients find their capacity and we would love to share with you one element which is Scott’s “12 Quick Wins Checklist”.

The checklist provides a “grab bag” of ideas that if followed, have been proven to free up considerable time and capacity. We recommend allocating one month to implement each suggestion.

Introduction to your client referral program.

There is much to be gained by having a steady stream of new clients coming through the door via referrals. The cost of acquisition is minimal and the prospective clients come already favourably disposed towards you.

The diagnostic is the creation of Paul Little who, with his many years of experience in this area, is a strong advocate for proactively fostering referrals as a primary means of growing one’s firm.

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