Unforgettable memories and takeaways from our team retreat.

Want to know more about our team retreat?

Last month we took the entire team out of the business for three days for our bi-annual Slipstream Group retreat.

On retreat, we lay the plans to achieve our goals in all areas of the business - not just the financial goals but how we want to impact the lives of our clients, our team, the benefactors of our charity, and our community.

These retreats are critical to us on many levels.

  • Connection: With our coaches 'on the road' helping our clients, we don't get the usual time to bond and understand each other's strengths and backgrounds.
  • Contribution: Although our ages and experience vary, each team member has significant value to add, which is better realised together in a relaxed environment. 
  • Increased creativity and innovation: Time away from the office sparks new ideas and perspectives, leading to more creative and innovative thinking.
  • Better decision-making: With a change of environment and a focus on teamwork, our retreats help the team make better decisions by bringing a fresh perspective to the table.
  • Enhanced motivation and morale: With our conference coming up in August, we have a busy 2023 ahead of us, and we all have a part to play. Each team member now understands what their contribution is and how it matters.

Our theme for this retreat? Team and Culture.

We deeply explored the team dynamic and our organisation's culture. Why? Because we acknowledge that the values and trademark behaviours that have got us through the first seven-plus years of business may be different from what's needed to take us through the next period of growth.

For this retreat, we had a full-day facilitated session which was challenging and emotional. Whilst we sat in mutual respect, in a safe space together, we had to be open and honest for it to be of benefit. Some conversations were difficult and uncomfortable - but this is where the growth happens (and certainly did for us). We came out the other end a better team with a better plan.

We built the agenda to allow for bonding/together time and an opportunity to 'retreat' and slow down for those who wish to. Retreat time is essential, especially for some of our introverted team members.

And what about the fun???

There was plenty of that! The 'optional' pool volleyball match ended up with 100% of the team in the pool and so competitive that we couldn't get one person out the pool to referee. A low-key, casual game of Finska became a heated contest complete with sledging and throw-by-throw strategy from the spectators. And the after-dinner games included a couple of memorable rounds of Telestrations and Monikers, with many around the table laughing so hard they cried.

Being serenaded by our talented CEO during sunsets drinks, and morning walks rounded out the three days.

This particular team retreat was a landmark offsite for our team to build camaraderie, clarity and alignment as we grow our organisation to the next level.

We left northern NSW feeling energised, connected and inspired.

Get in touch if you're looking to run a team retreat. We'd love to help you out!

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