Balanced success.

A game-changing framework for financial planners and accountants

As someone deeply involved in business coaching for professionals like yourselves, I understand the intricate dance of deadlines and urgent client needs that define your workdays. These very challenges led me to a framework that has profoundly impacted how I approach coaching, and it can do wonders for your practice and personal well-being.

The Framework: Trust me, it's a game-changer!

What excites me about this framework is how refreshingly simple it is. Forget about deciphering complex algorithms or wading through dense reports. We're talking about basic, easy-to-understand principles you can apply now. And here is the kicker: this isn't about ticking off tasks on your to-do list; it's about fostering smarter thinking and making stellar decisions. Sounds great, doesn't it?

The Three Pillars

All right, let us dive into the meat of it. This framework leans on three key pillars that I swear by:

  • Health: Now, I'm not suggesting you swap your calculator for dumbbells, but hear me out. In our world, 'health' means a work environment where everyone thrives—a place where productivity isn't just a buzzword but a way of life.
  • Hygiene: I'm not talking about hand sanitisers, although they're important too. I mean the nuts and bolts of your practice. Are your processes streamlined? Is your compliance up to scratch? Good hygiene isn't about avoiding problems; it's about setting the stage for long-term success.
  • Fitness: Here's where we bring in the future-oriented mindset. Think like an athlete aiming for peak performance in the seasons to come. Fitness is about preparing your business for the long haul. It's not just about navigating today's challenges (Hygiene) or optimising for the immediate future (Health). It's about setting your sights on the horizon and making the strategic moves today that will set you up for victory down the line.

So why should you take my word for it? Well, using this framework has helped me and my clients to:

  • Zero in on Priorities: It's like someone cleaned the fog off my glasses. I can now clearly see what needs immediate attention, whether that's improving team dynamics (Health), fine-tuning workflows (Hygiene), or staying ahead of industry trends (Fitness).
  • Tailor it Your Way: This isn't a one-size-fits-all approach, and that's the beauty of it. Whether you're a sole proprietor or part of a multi-partner juggernaut, these principles can be custom-fit for your unique situation.
  • Live a Balanced Life: Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? This framework has helped me maintain a healthy balance between my professional aspirations and personal well-being.


At Slipstream Group, where I spend my days coaching some of the brightest minds in finance and accounting, I've seen the transformative power of this framework. With our hybrid group and one-to-one coaching model, I am confident we can help you apply these principles effectively in your practice, too. So, what do you say? Are you ready to up your game and have a blast while at it?

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Scott Charlton, Director of Coaching

Scott is a Chartered Accountant, CPA, and MBA with over 20 years of experience in coaching professional services firms. As the Director of Coaching at Slipstream Group, he has been instrumental in shaping businesses and lives through his unique insights and problem-solving abilities.

Prior co-founding Slipstream, Scott was the Head of Strategic Development at Fortnum Financial Advisers, focusing on synergies between financial planners and accountants. An advocate for professional development, Scott has written three books to assist his practitioner clients.

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