Phil. Little.

Business COACH


Bachelor of Arts
Masters of Business Administration
Diploma of Financial Services, Financial Planning
Graduate Diploma in Administrative Studies, Management, Administration

About Phil...

Phil is blessed with the ability to quickly assess a business situation, determine a range of appropriate initiatives and convey profound insights to the practitioners he works with. He has a friendly, engaging style when interacting with his clients, who often remark upon being inspired to take action as a result of their coaching sessions. Such sessions are typically peppered with examples, anecdotes and Phil’s captivating good humour.

Through a varied financial services career of some 30 years, Phil has experienced all aspects of the advisory world. He has held various senior executive roles in several leading financial organisations, started and exited successful businesses, been a principal of a financial planning practice for almost ten years and successfully sold a majority interest in the firm. This contributes in no small measure to the practicality of his advice. Because he has “sat in the chair” and experienced what his clients are going through, Phil’s coaching conversations are laden with credibility. Phil’s grasp of the bigger picture facing the firms he works with is due in no small measure to having been a senior executive with several leading financial organisations.

Phil has also set up and ran a licensee, which provided him with an excellent knowledge of the regulatory environment that financial planning practices operate in. Thanks to a previous national coaching role for a leading licensee, Phil brings with him the experience of meaningfully interacting with literally hundreds of financial planning firms around Australia. He is a master of assessing where a planning firm is at and identifying areas where outcomes can be improved. Knowing how high performing firms operate is a distinct advantage when advising clients throughout their coaching journey.

One of the main attractions for Phil in joining an independent coaching organisation was being able to provide advice and assistance which is demonstratively free of any other agenda. Phil’s coaching is no longer diluted by the many and varied responsibilities inherent in the business development roles he has had whilst a licensee employee. Now, his absolute focus is on assisting clients to achieve their objectives.


Away from work, Phil enjoys keeping active in the great outdoors. Amongst a range of pursuits, he relishes a willing game of tennis. An early riser, Phil also enjoys a brisk walk or a swim to kick start his day.

Phil likes nothing better than to embark on fishing expeditions, be they day trips in and around Moreton Bay or to favourite spots further afield such as Fraser Island. Accompanying this is Phil’s ready willingness to converse about tide times, boating and anticipated weather conditions.

Family holidays frequently centre upon Byron Bay although a trip to Italy in 2017 has stirred a hunger for further European adventures. Phil is also quite community minded, having volunteered his services to assist with several worthy activities over the years. Be it for work or recreation, consistent themes that flavour Phil’s approach is to be informed, enjoy the moment and take one’s opportunities.

“Phil is amazing! He is always available and is there to give us constructive criticism when needed. Our business is moving forward more quickly than we expected and we would not have done that without his help. We needed the external review and business plan to map our future. He also can explain an issue we’ll spend way too long on, perhaps because he’s been there previously as well.”

Anne Williamson
Ord Minnett

“Sat down with Phil and he just cut to the chase and solved a problem I was so freaked out about in about 30 seconds. I can honestly say I know Phil has been there and done that and it is evidenced by the sharp insight that he’s been able to provide into our business.”

Gavin Lamb
Navigate Advisors

“The deciding factor of becoming a slipstream client was finding out that my coach had actually run his own business.”

Dom Schuh
Schuh Group

“The thing I love about Phil is anytime we’ve got a question I know I can ring him, and he is a great sounding board. He’s awesome and he’s always got an answer. He’s very calm and especially when we’re feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed, he manages to just tease out what needs to be done and gives me the motivation to keep going. We’ve just had the best 15 months that we’ve ever had, and we have just clocked in the best financial year we’ve ever had and hopefully we’re going to continue.”

Jacqui Sherlock
Sherlock Wealth

“Having Phil and the Slipstream team as my coach has significantly improved the quality of my life. We do things like setting 3 cool projects every 90 days which has been a game changer for my business and mindset. My coach Phil, holds me accountable and gives me practical support and advice every step of the way and I really enjoy being a part of the community. I highly recommend you speak to the Slipstream team if you want to get more out of life and your business.”

Mike Sikar
Delta Financial Group

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