Scott. Charlton.

Director of Coaching


Bachelor of Commerce
Masters of Business Administration
Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning


Fellow of Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia

Member of CPA Australia

About Scott…

It’s true, Scott is extremely wise. He is a qualified accountant and he has achieved his MBA. More importantly he has mastered the art of communicating and seamlessly applies his knowledge for the betterment of all. He has natural warmth, a quick wit and clearly enjoys helping people. But he can also be a tough taskmaster, as members of his coaching groups will attest.

Scott has coached professional services firms since 2002. Before co-founding Slipstream Group, Scott was the Head of Strategic Development at Fortnum Financial Advisers, an innovative and independently owned financial planning group. Prior to joining Fortnum, he was Program Manager for an organisation that specialised in coaching accountants across Australia and New Zealand. He has been involved with the Public Practice Certificate Course conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Scott is an author. His first book, titled “Your Professional Headspace”, was written for professionals who operate their own practices. Throughout this book, Scott demonstrates so much more than his breadth of knowledge. He communicates a true understanding of the realities faced by professionals and provides a host of practical suggestions to enjoy work and love life.

As a coach, Scott’s practical approach is based upon his own experiences as a professional practitioner for more than 30 years. He has steered his own career, mentored others, earned a living and built businesses while juggling family and other commitments. He has worked for two of the world’s largest professional firms and at the opposite end of the spectrum, founded his own accounting practice. Scott has particular knowledge and experience in regard to referrals between accountants and financial planners.

Scott applied a very collaborative theme in his book, “Partnering with Accountants – Your guide to the ultimate referral destination,” written to assist financial advisers establish and develop relationships with accountants. This book has been endorsed by the Association of Financial Advisers.

Scott’s latest book is “the Bold Accountant – Become the complete adviser you clients need you to be”. Scott’s central premise in writing this book is that clients have higher expectations of what their accountant is presently doing for them. Scott addresses how accountants can and should address this expectation gap. It is a thoroughly practiced guide that should be considered essential reading for all accountants in practice.

Scott’s passion for galvanising the relationship between the accounting and financial planning professions has seen him deliver numerous seminars and workshops around the country on how to better collaborate and serve clients better. Indeed, he is often asked by industry associations to speak at their conferences on this issue, along with presenting at roadshows and private workshops for commercial organisations.


Scott is devoted to family, enjoys sports – particularly cycling – and making a contribution. He plans never to retire but to increasingly lead a life dominated by philanthropy. Scott has been shaped by a deep sense of purpose and embracing a world full of possibilities. His personal mission is to help others to achieve their potential. He loves the colour yellow because it brings out creativity, cheerfulness and energy – qualities that Scott embraces in life, his coaching role and when mentoring others.

“To say this three year journey with Scott and the Slipstream team had a significant impact on our business and personal lives is an understatement. The guidance, planning, support and accountability from Scott were the keys to ensuring that the hard work required was focused and on track for achievement of our strategic outcomes. Scott was always willing and able through the whole journey even as the path changed over the years. Did Slipstream change our lives – ABSOLUTELY!!”

Darren and Tania Jennings
DART Business Solutions

“I truly believe that without Scott we’d be wavering and little bit lost. We’re forever indebted. It’s pushed us further then we probably would’ve thought.”

Craig Robinson
Robinson Voss Partners

“The thing I love about our Slipstream Coach the most is he’s sat in the hot seat himself. There is no ‘I haven’t been in business’. He’s done what we’re doing. He understands the challenges that we face. To me, he just gets it. That’s the great thing about Slipstream that they understand your business. I think sometimes our coach gets more joy out of our successes than we do.”

Rohan Wills
Navigator Accountants

“Do it sooner rather than later. I wish I had joined 12 months ago.”

Krys Canny-Smith
Canny Group

“We make 90 day plans every 3 months, we have targets and goals, and we have 3 projects a quarter we need to get done. These projects are continually improving our business. I followed the program to the letter of the law. I did every challenge thrown at me even though at times I doubted Scott’s sanity on wanting things done his way. But it worked and I’m eternally grateful to the support along the way.”

Linda Crawford
LCA Accounting

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