Rebecca. McGough.

Business Manager

About Rebecca...

Rebecca has spent her career in professional services firms, legal and accounting, in Australia and also in London where she was based for 15 years.  We were thrilled when she brought her skills and experience to Slipstream.

With a knack for seeking out process improvements, Rebecca helps to ensure Slipstream is running as efficiently as it can to ensure we are always providing world-class client service.

Rebecca is passionate about “authentically good” company culture and helps to ensure that every member of our team feels valued and worthy.


Rebecca is married with two children, aged 6 and 3 and a new puppy and loves family beach getaways and rainy movie afternoons.  Outside of work and family time (if there’s anything left!), Rebecca is studying towards a Business (HR Management) Degree.

Slipstream FM Episode Featuring Rebecca

Episode 65 – Engaging a business manager

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