Jacqui. Evans.

Marketing and Sales Manager

About Jacqui...

After finishing her marketing degree, Jacqui worked in sales in the telecommunications industry for 13 years. Feeling the corporate burnout, Jacqui decided to 'unplug' by taking a year sabbatical to backpack South America (a career highlight!). Not wanting the adventure to end, Jacqui then moved to the UK, where she worked as a Sales Manager for Northern Europe, selling email intelligence software.

After a couple of kiddies and a relocation  to sunny Brisbane, Jacqui started her own business coaching business in Brisbane, which she had for over three years.

 Jacqui's experience in sales, marketing and growing a business coaching firm makes her an excellent fit for the Marketing and Sales Manager role and the Slipstream team.


Jacqui originally hails from Adelaide, in South Australia but now lives in Brisbane with her partner Daniel and daughters Stevie and Murphy.

She has a penchant for Scandi Interiors and Tiny Homes - although she wouldn't like to live in one full time. She's an avid reader and loves reading fantasy and period dramas - paradoxically, her favourite movie is the 1990's blockbuster 'Point Break', go figure!

Jacqui loves to hike on the weekends, but her all-time favourite pastime is family travel and adventure; if she's not on a trip, she's planning the next one!

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