Episode 7.

Corey Wastle from Verse Wealth talks culture

In this episode Corey Wastle discusses how and why to build an incredible business culture.

Episode 7 – Corey Wastle From Verse Wealth Talks Culture

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Brenton Ward talks with Corey Wastle Co- founder of Verse Wealth on how and why to build an incredible business culture:

  1. Why having a great culture is the only sustainable advantage.
  2. Teaching clients about their WHY, what goals they have and what ambitions they have in life. 3. How every client relationship is built on their WHY.

During the episode Corey and Brenton discuss:

  • How Simon Sinek and starting with Why, helped Verse Wealth an co-define and articulate their why
  • How Verse Wealth lives by their WHY

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