First 12 months coaching financial results.

Our recent analysis of single-owner Financial Advice firms in their first 12 months with Slipstream revealed truly impressive results.


Financial results:

  • Average revenue boost from $1,086,812 to $1,259,882
  • Average profits after owners salaries jumping from $244,655 to an impressive $374,340
  • Average margins leaping from 22.08% to 29.14%

Curious about the full story behind these numbers? Download the full results for a detailed look at these achievements and some inspiring client stories.

Download the full results.

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*Profit = EBIT after the owner’s salary standardised at $150K and after Slipstream coaching fees.


Next Steps: How Slipstream Can Help 

At Slipstream Group, we're passionate about helping Financial Planning and Accounting businesses get results. Both financial and non-financial results, like more freedom and less stress, are important to us and our clients.


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